Hypnotic treatment is widespread in dentistry nowadays because of dental phobia. Hypnotic treatment eliminates any sedation or anestheses.

  1. ERTUĞRUL BAYRAM operates the hypnotic the dental treatment in our BDD BOGAZICI DENTAL POLICLINIC. Dr. Ertuğrul Bayram who has been doing hypnosis studies since 1979, is one of the founders of '' the most conscious hypnosis association''. Dr. Ertuğrul Bayram has participated in seminars of european hypnosis association and world hypnosis association held in England, Austria, Germany, Turkey and has a participant certificate.


With hypnosis in dental treatment the patient relaxes and gets rid his/her anxiety. Hypnosis is ideal when the surgery is long and when the patient's mouth needs to stay open for a long time. It is a shooting option against nausea reflex. We receive very positive feedback from our treatments without injection or pain.


There are no side effects. Our patients who have been treated with hypnosis are happy and satisfied. We can perform this treatment in patients who have heart diseases on blood pressure disturbances. Without using morphine or similar applications. You can contact our Istanbul Anatolian Side'' BDD BOGAZICI DIS'' polyclinic to learn more about hypnotic treatment.

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