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All On Four Teeth Prices 2023

All On Four Dental Implant Prices 2023

All on four dental implant prices have changed in 2023 and according to the implant procedure applied to the patient.

It is known as a procedure that allows the placement of 4 implants at certain angles ,the clinical process ensures the application of the dental prosthesis on the same day. It can be applied to any patient who does not have a systemic disease.

The process has several advantages. These advantages are listed as follows.

  • -Fixed prosthesis with surgical intervention on the same day
  • -Short duration of application of dental implants
  • -Low cost compared to classic implant treatment
  • -More comfortable cleaning and maintenance than fixed dentures and dental implants
  • – more comfortable, easy cleaning and maintenance fixed dentures and dental implants.
  • -It gives an aesthetic appearance because it is specially designed for the patient.
  • -Suitable for people who have problems with removable dentures due to the different design, it does not cover the palate and offers easy use.
All On Four Teeth Prices 2023

All On Four dental implant Prices 2023


The advantages listed above are known as the general features of the all on four dental implant application.

All On Four Dental implant Prices Start from 3.500 Euros in 2023.

How Many Days Does All On Four Treatment Take?

The treatment is completed within 3 days including the use of the temporary teeth.

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