Dental Diagnosis and Dental Radiology

Dental Diagnosis and Dental Radiology

To simply define, oral diagnosis is the diagnosis unit. First of all, records about your general health are taken and the teeth, gingiva, tongue, salivary glands, jawbone and jaw joint are examined as a whole. Questions are asked about the patient’s discomfort, problems are listened to. Symptoms are identified. Afterwards, our patients are informed about the problems that have occurred and may occur. Radiographic examination is an indispensable method used in diagnosis, treatment planning, end of treatment and checks in all branches of dentistry. X-rays allow viewing of areas that cannot be noticed on visual examination. In oral and dental health, radiological examinations are very important for diagnosis and treatment. Our dental radiology unit has dental tomography, digital panoramic and cephalometric x-ray units.

Dental Tomography

Dental tomography is a radiological diagnosis method that provides a three-dimensional image using X-ray and enables the cross-sectional examination of the desired region. Bone and soft tissue details that cannot be observed in panoramic x-ray films are easily seen in dental tomography.

Digital Panoramic X-Ray

Panoramic X-ray is a kind of tomographic X-ray where all teeth and jawbone are viewed together with less exposure to rays. It is used to show the parts of the teeth, bones and gingiva that are not visible with clinical examination. Using the digital system both increases the image quality and minimizes the radiation exposure to the person.

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral camera used during the examination allows the gingiva, dental caries, fillings, bridges and coatings to be viewed easily. When the physician deems it necessary, it reflects the intraoral camera images to the patient’s screen and shares them with you too.

Cephalometric X-Ray

It is a comprehensive head X-ray taken from the side. Thanks to cephalometric x-ray, the relationship between the jaw-tooth-cranial bones and soft tissue profile can be examined in detail. It is an x-ray that is necessary for comparison before starting orthodontic treatment and after treatment is finished. Similarly, cephalometric x-ray is taken before and after jaw surgeries.

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