Dental Treatment with Hypnosis

Dental Treatment with Hypnosis

What is Dental Treatment with Hypnosis?

Dental Treatment with Hypnosis started to be preferred popularly in order to overcome dentist phobia. Among the biggest fears of people of all ages are going to the dentist, having a tooth pulled and having dental treatment. Today, it can be seen that many people do not go to the dentist despite suffering from toothache for a long time. Drugs, needles or other sharp-edged tools used for tooth extraction and oral treatments are the origins of dental phobia in patients. All these fears have now been replaced by hypnosis, which is applied without the need for anesthesia and sedation.

Dental treatment with hypnosis at our Boğaziçi Dental World Polyclinic is performed by Dr. Ertuğrul Bayram . Dr. Ertuğrul Bayram started his hypnosis studies in 1979 and is also a founding member of the Conscious Hypnosis Association. In the field of dentistry, hypnosis is performed in order to solve the problems of patients who have a fear of the dentist and are allergic to anesthesia. Dr. Ertuğrul Bayram has attended to European Hypnosis Association and World Hypnosis Association seminars in England, Austria, Germany and Turkey , and holds participation certificates.

What is the advantage of hypnosis in oral and dental treatments?

Patients relax and reduce their anxiety thanks to hypnosis applied in oral and dental treatments. Hypnosis provides an ideal solution, especially in cases where the patient’s mouth is required to remain open for a long time, such as a surgical operation or root canal treatment, which requires long procedures and operations. It is a relaxing option in controlling the nausea reflex. Needle-free and painless hypnosis tooth extraction and treatment provides us extremely positive feedbacks from our patients.

Are there any side effects of dental treatment with hypnosis?

Our patients, who undergo oral and dental treatments with hypnosis, are very satisfied with the process. Since they do not experience numbing needle pain, they do not feel discomfort during the treatment. The risk of fainting in patients with extreme dental phobia is also eliminated. Another special advantage is that patients with heart and blood pressure, who cannot be administered morphine and similar drugs, can easily be treated. To get information about dental treatment with hypnosis, you can contact with Boğaziçi Dental World Polyclinic on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul and discuss the details.

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