Health Tourism

Health Tourism

English, German, Persian, Arabic languages can be spoken in our clinic and we have patients from various countries of Europe. One of our main goals is to reach the patients all over the world.

The comfort and satisfaction of our patients have the utmost importance for us. We are aware at being emphatic and smiling as well as being professional our essential factors.

Exclusion of dental treatments from insurance especially in some european countries caused the dental health tourism to be wide spread. The patients preferred the countries where they could obtain more economical and healthier solutions. BOGAZICI DENTAL is here to help you.

The procedure is; we asked the patient to have a panoramic x-ray in his/her country and e-mail it to our dentists. Our dentists, examining this panoramic x-ray, will determine a treatment plan which will enable certainty in your first physical examination. The average treatment time and financial statement will be inform to you with this plan, stating all the alternatives of your treatment. Most appropriate solution and appointment date will be decided on by contacting on telephone or e-mail. Our dentists will inform you about the time you will need to stay in Turkey.

For example, İn İmplant treatment after applying the implant in the jaw, a period of time is needed for healing process. To place the upper part of implant 2 to3 months should be waited as the healing process. Meanwhile the patient doesn’t have to be in Turkey, s/ he can return to his/her country in this healing process after a stay in İstanbul for one week. Inspite of the accomodation and flight costs the treatment in İstanbul will cost much cheaper than it will be in your country.

It is nor possible to notify the price and time of treatment ahead of all these procedures because every mouth is unique. As BDD BOGAZICI DENTAL we present to you all the alternatives of treatment and choose most appropriate one consenting your approval. We inform you all the details of treatment and realise your approval with maximum care.

Once the nature of treatment is agreed on on telephone or e-mail, we can offer you comfort and ease in your travelling to a foreign country or city (İstanbul/Turkey). We can offer you a VIP transfer from the airport to your hotel and organise your accomodation in a hotel you choose if you desire so.

Please contact us for the details.

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