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implant Fiyatları 2023

Dental Implant Prices 2023

Implant Prices 2023 Implant prices have changed in 2023,and it changes according to the implant to be made.

The implant is known as an artificial tooth root, which is placed in the jawbone to provide the aesthetics and function of the missing tooth structure. Implant screws are specially made according to the person’s mouth structure, and they have a certain size and shape. Therefore, it is known that the prices within the implant treatment are variable. In addition, certain measurements are taken in order to ensure that the jawbone is compatible with the screw for the implant placement.

Thanks to the implant treatment needed for dental health, people can have a more aesthetic appearance. In order to perform this procedure, it is essential that the gums are healthy. During the consultation by the doctor, the gum of the person is also examined, because making the implant in a healthy way depends on healthy gums. Likewise, this situation, which is related to the expertise of the doctor, can be priced differently. Implant planning is done together with bone tissue determination. Before the application, clinical and radiological examination is performed and the implant price and the duration of the procedure are determined.

Implant Prices in 2023 start from 250 Euros .

How long does the implant take?

The implant is completed within 1 day.