Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are placed in the jaw bone to support the prosthesis. These are titanium screws that can replace missing teeth and can be used for a life time without any problem. These screws are placed by our specialist physicians in sterile environment with a small surgical procedure.

After it completely clings to the jaw bone with in about 2-3 months,acting as a real tooth root, the implant will bear the prothesis that will come upon it easily. Inırder to apply the implant, the bone structure as weel as the gums should be in good health. If not additional bone surgery (sinus lift autogenous block bone graft) can be applied in implant treatment which is highly successful too. Duration of the treatment depends of the patients oral health condition and the applications needed. Normally in about 2- or 3 months the permanent prosthesis are put in place to conclude the treatment.

  These treatments are applied by specialist physicians in stril environment. After this implant supported prosthetic treatment individual oral and dental care should be taken care of and a visit to the dentist in every 6 months is adviced.

  For a good treatment oral and dental care is important.


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