*Fıxed deDenture Teeth

*Movable Denture Teeth 

Our chewing function depends on our teeth. any loss of tooth or part of a tooth is an unhealthy sign for our mouth and for other parts of the body as experiments have shown over the years. Also in talking and smiling, the missing teeth will cause image distortion of the person with uncomfortable, unpleasant feelings. 


Fix prosthesis are perceived as the patient's own teeth. they can be fixed to the adjacent teeth or can be implanted. Crowns and bridges can be used to get rid of missing teeth.


When carries or trauma cause loss of the large part of teeth and the weakening of teeth, it can be coated with metal and ceramic or full ceramic coatings which are called crowns.It restores the shape, color and function of the tooth. In our clinic this treatment lasts 3 sessions ( 1 week)


An artificial tooth the same size and color with the other teeth, is fixed to the adjacent teeth by minimazing the adjacent teeth. It can be metal and ceramic or full ceramic. In our clinic this application lasts in 4 sessions(10 days)


When minimizing the adjacent, healthy teeth is not prefered or some cases where there are many missing teeth or noteeth at all, we use implant processes successfully. Implant treatment may last longer but implants can be used for a life time without any problem.

Zirconium which enables perfect aesthetic results closest to natural is used in the prosthesis.


Partial Prosthesis:

They are applied when fixed denture can not be used and there are a lot of missing teeth. They can be put on and taken out by the patient. The basic part of the prosthesis is made of metal. The treatment lasts about six sessions(2 weeks)


The attachment stays in the prosthesis and the aesthetic look is easily achieved with its tighter hold. It is easier for the patient to get use to it. The treatment lasts about 3 weeks. 

Total Prosthesis:

If there are no teeth on the upper or lower jaw or both, total prosthesis are used. It has higher retention especially in the upper jaw. The treatment lasts about 5 sessions(5-6 days). It is normal to have bumps during the adaptation process because it is applied on soft tissue. We provide control sessions after the treatment. 

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